In a rapidly changing environment, our clients depend on us to help them remain compliant with an increasingly-complex set of rules and regulations, while minimizing their tax burden by taking advantage of every opportunity the tax code allows.  We are able to do this by keeping abreast of the latest tax rules, regulations, and enforcement strategies, and continually thinking of how these can be applied to our clients.

Business Tax

Our tax professionals can assist your business with all levels of tax service, regardless of whether you are a C Corporation, LLC, S Corporation, Partnership, or other pass through entity.  We can utilize our knowledge of these business types to help you minimize your tax burden and properly protect your assets if you are starting a new business venture or growing an existing business.

Individual Tax

Individual tax clients make up a large segment of our client base.  The experience we gain serving a large, diverse group of individuals ensures that we can meet the needs of any client regardless of their situation.  Our services don't stop after the return is filed - our firm can assist individuals with ongoing tax planning and resolution of IRS audits and correspondence.

State and Local Tax

State and local tax issues can be complex and difficult to meet compliance.  With our three different offices, our professionals have experience with multiple states and cities, and can utilize this knowledge to help your business no matter where you are located. 

Cost Segregation Studies

Cost segregation studies are an emerging area of practice that can provide beneficial tax savings to our clients.  Cost segregation studies can be useful for a client purchasing a new building, or for those with existing real estate.  The days of depreciating commercial real estate over 39 years can be a thing of the past by using a cost segregation study to better match expected cash flows from repairs and maintenance to the depreciation expense of the building. 

Estate, Trust and Gift Planning

There are only two sure things in this world - death and taxes.  Proper tax planning can ensure that when these two events meet, the tax burden is minimized, ensuring our clients' heirs retain as much of their hard earned assets as possible.