The shareholders at Coffman and Company, P.C. are a diverse group. Each shareholder has his or her own strengths and interests. Our expertise in these fields are not limited because of our size, but our size rather allows both the partners and staff to stay educated and knowledgeable about their particular area of expertise. This diversity within our firm allows us to be actively engaged in several different industries.

Multi-Family Housing

Our firm has been involved in the multi-family industry since 1987. We now provide services to approximately 400 multi-family developments, including both the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and Rural Development (RD) projects. Our focus is to provide services to clients who construct, develop, own, and manage multi-family housing projects that are governmentally funded through HUD and RD. We are able to provide our clients with top quality service due to our longevity in this industry and our responsiveness to the many changes occurring in this industry.

We are members of the Missouri Council for Affordable and Rural Housing (MOCARH) as well as the National Council for Affordable and Rural Housing (CARH). These memberships allow us to remain on top of the regulatory changes and how they are best implemented. We also served on a national task force created by Rural Development to allow selected CPAs to review and critique the reporting requirements for 2007 year-end. Clients here also benefit from our relationships with many syndicators, including, but not limited to Boston Capital, MMA FInancial, NPI Capital, AEP, WNC & Associates, etc.

Please contact Larry Capps and Betsy Mays, regarding services in this industry.

Construction Contractors

The shareholders and staff at Coffman and Company, P.C. have many years of experience in the construction contractors industry.  Our firm has worked closely with companies that operate commercial and residential construction businesses as well as working with sub contractors in the industry.  Our staff can assist our clients with changing laws that vary by state as well as dealing with bonding companies in order to provide the best service possible. 

Please contact Clinton Summers and Larry Capps regarding services in this industry.

School Districts

Coffman and Company, P.C. has adequate knowledge and experience in the education industry with an emphasis in school districts.  Our firm works closely with several school districts to provide them the services they need to operate effectively and efficiently.  We can perform the annual financial statement audits required for the school district in a timely and effective manner. 

Please contact Mark Eads and Betsy Mays regarding services in this industry.

Governmental Entities

The requirements are constantly changing for governmental accounting and the staff at Coffman and Company, P.C. is staying up-to-date on the latest changes.  Our firm works with governmental entities such as Library Districts, Water and Sewer Districts, Fire Districts, and County Health Centers to provide them the accounting services they need to be in compliance with State and Local Governments.  We perform Yellow Book audits and OMB Circular A-133 audits (Single Audits) for these entities as required. 

Please contact Mark Eads or Betsy Mays regarding services in this industry.

Restaurant and Hospitality

While clients are running their businesses and concentrating on running a profitable company, Coffman and Compnay, P.C. can handle all the accounting services for the company.  The company can outsource accounting services to our firm while we perform the payroll services to our firm while we perform the payroll services and bookkeeping services desired so the owners can solely concentrate on making money.  We have experience in this industry with many different franchised and local restaurants and continue to assist our clients with their accounting service needs.    

Please contact Clinton Summers regarding services in this industry.

Physician Practices

Physicians are constantly staying busy in their practices with day-to-day tasks they don't have time to worry about the stress of handling the accounting services also.  Coffman and Company, P.C. works closely with many physician practices to assist them in their accounting needs.  We can provide payroll services as well as maintain their general ledger so at year end their accounting records are in good shape.  We can advise these physicians on tax planning strategies on how to minimize tax effect as well as perform their year end business and personal tax returns. 

Please contact Clinton Summers regarding services in this industry.

Nonprofit Organizations

The reporting requirements for non-profit organizations can be confusing and complex and the staff at Coffman and Company, P.C. assists many non-profit organizations in understanding these requirements.  We can assist these organizations with applying for exemption under the Internal Revenue Code as well as filing the annual Form 990.  Also, we can provide compiled, reviewed, or audited financial statements as required by the Board of Directors or other regulatory agency. 

Please contact Mark Eads regarding services in this industry.