Accounting Outsourcing

Coffman and Company, P.C. can provide a wide range of accounting outsourcing services to small businesses.  While outsourcing these services to us, the small business owners can then concentrate on their business while having peace of mind their accounting services are in good hands.  This enables the client to become more productive and efficient in their accounting processes and also save money as opposed to hiring a full-time accounting employee.  Our staff has experience in providing clients with detailed and timely accounting services to greater increase the profitability of small businesses. 

Staff and Bookkeeping

We can eliminate the need for your business to purchase and maintain accounting software.  We will maintain your general ledger as well as perform bank reconciliations, write checks, and maintain accounts receivable and accounts payable modules.  We can even give you the opportunity to use our accounting software remotely to expedite your accounting service needs.

Financial Statements

Financial statements are an excellent monitoring tool in the success of your business and are required often by third parties such as banks or regulators.  We can provide monthly, quarterly, or annual financial statements for your business to suit your individual needs.  You don't have to employ anyone with the suitable skill and knowledge to prepare these statements as we can prepare these for you. 

Sales and Use Tax Returns

We can prepare your company's recurring sales and use tax returns for you so you don't have to worry about meeting tedious deadlines.  We will provide you with accurate returns so you can stay timely on your required filing with states.

Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable

Monitoring your accounts receivable and accounts payable modules for your company is a key aspect of running a profitable business.  We can maintain these modules for you and monitor that your business is staying on top of collections and vendor payments.