Accounting and Auditing Services

With accounting and auditing services ranging anywhere from an audit to agreed-upon procedures, we can provide our clients a wide range of services to suit their specific needs.

Financial Statement Audits

Audits are the most common type of attest engagement, and can be applicable to any entity that produces financial statements.  Audits provide the users of an entity's financial statements assurance that those financial statements are free from material misstatement.  An audit includes an examination of an entity's financial reporting process and its financial statements, and the issuance of an opinion on the fairness of presentation of those financial statements.  Our experienced staff can utilize the resources of the firm to complete efficient, yet effective audits.

Our audit staff has received specific training and has the necessary expertise to perform specialized audits in the following areas:

  • Construction Contractors
  • Small Businesses
  • HUD Audits
  • OMB Curcular Audits
  • Yellow Book Audits

Our firm obtains a quality peer review of our audit and accounting practice every three years.  Our professional staff attend continuing professional education in all fields of no less than 40 hours per year with at least 24 of those hours in the area of government for managers involved in governmental audits.

Financial Statement Reviews

A review is similar to an audit, but offers only limited assurance that the financial statements are presented in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) or another comprehensive basis of accounting.  A review includes significantly less testing than an audit, mostly consisting of analytical procedures and inquiries of management.  A review may be an economical solution for an entity that doesn't need the full assurances of an audit. 

Financial Statement Compilations

A compilation consists of presenting financial information provided by management in the form of financial statements.  Although compiled financial statements do not include any assurance, they can be especially useful for management's internal use. 

Agreed-Upon Procedure Engagements

Agreed-Upon Procedure Engagements are just that - specific procedures that management and our firm has agreed to complete prior to the start of an engagement.  These engagements may be the result of a request from a third party or management to verify specific financial information or other assertions.  Upon the completion of an agreed-upon procedures engagement, a report outlining the procedures completed and the findings as a result of those procedures is issued.